09 January 2013

The Proximity Power Gets a 4 Star (out of 5) Review on GoodReads

I can't even express how tickled I am with the review from Story Addict's Margaret on GoodReads! And I am so glad she enjoyed it! It was great to have her editing advice as well, and I have uploaded a newly edited copy that may see future edits as well.

The 3 R's: Review, Re-edit, Re-upload

It's been an interesting couple of months over here at Maxwell Novels, starting with a helpful review from The Story Addict. After reading The Proximity Power, it was suggested that the book should either be the ending of the series, or a stand-alone story in and of itself. After much consideration, and despite having already begun what was meant to be the second book in the series, I have made some edits to the original book so that it is a YA novel, not a series. This will hopefully allow others to read it without committing to a long-term story line, and hopefully be more appealing for readers who prefer to have the entire story at once. The story itself is big on adventure and urban fantasy, with a strong paranormal romance that brings it to a climactic finish.

If you would like a free copy of the ebook, "The Proximity Power" by Carrie Ann Maxwell, please contact me by email, maxwellnovels<at>gmail.com, in the comments section below, through Facebook or Twitter!

Thanks! Every kind word or critique helps :) !

14 October 2012


New reviews of some of my books have been rolling in over the weekend! I am happy that people are reading and reviewing, as I know it takes extra time to sum up a book into a few words and leave a review. So thank you! You can find the books below with reviews listed beneath.

Review by: Teresa White on Oct. 13, 2012 :
One of those stories that you have to finish reading all at once! Disturbing but well-written, with a strong male protagonist and good dramatic tension. I would recommend, and read more like this! Has its depressing moments, but I really enjoyed it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Teresa White on Oct. 13, 2012 :     
Enjoyed this book a lot! I tend to get drawn to urban fantasy, and this book adds enough realistic myth and history to make it feel like its actually happening. As a part of a series, I can see so many possibilities for more villains, characters and adventures. I like that there is a male protagonist, it gives a different perspective than most YA right now. I would definitely read more like this!

Review by: Josie Unicorn on Oct. 13, 2012 :    
Wow, what a crazy read! I liked it, reminded me of some Neil Gaiman books like Stardust and his short stories. It was fast paced with some romance (which I like! :) and danger too. Hope the next ones come out soon! Can't wait to see what happens!!

13 October 2012

Connected At Last!

Embarassing news! I have finally gotten up and running on Facebook and Twitter! It's only taken me... eight months?! *^_^* Pardon my shame!

Fortunately, I have been using my time away from the social sphere for a higher purpose--writing new stories! There's at least a half-dozen of them in the works, in various stages, and I hope to get each of them out soon. They include:

- a young romance between a female MMA fighter and a soldier at the edge of an apocolypse
- a wild west Las Vegas story about gambling, love and obsession
- black market love in a future distopia dissected by decadence and crippling poverty

with more, always more, on the way! In the meantime, there are a plethora of exciting events for writers and readers alike, including the impending NaNoWriMo for the month of November, with Smashwords also getting in on the action. A great, interactive way for new and published writers to participate in the creative process, get instant feedback, and produce a book-length work-all in just a month! I will also be participating in NaNoWriMo through Smashwords, and will post updates here and my Facebook for those interested. Haven't decided what to do for it, but I would like to try and complete an entirely new work (as opposed to working on half-written pieces). That means I'll have to knuckle down beforehand and get these other ones out of the way I guess! Oh well, good warm up for writing for a whole month...writing for a half month!

22 September 2012

New EBook: "Going Blond and Beyond"

Volume 2 of the Ultimate Alternative Hair Guide, Going Blond and Beyond has more information on DIY hair bleaching, a bleach formula, pictures and more!

There is also a BONUS coupon for 50% off of Volume one inside!

Part of a three volume DIY series:

Dreadlocks and Dreadfalls (Volume 3) (coming soon!)

21 September 2012

New YA Story: "Razorburn"

A short story that looks at teen suicide and relationships, Razorburn follows the protagonist, 17-year-old Gabe, through the events surrounding his uncle's death and his own attempted suicide. Told in a circular narrative and inspired by the works of Bret Easton Ellis (particularly Less Than Zero), Razorburn is available now on Smashwords. Here's the summary from Smashwords:

"Sometimes surviving your youth is harder than it sounds. Surrounded by decadence, 17-year-old Gabe struggles with the remnants of a dysfunctional family and the death of his beloved uncle. His mother, sent to an insane asylum with severe schitzophrenia, haunts the edges of his mind. Is his own mental deterioration inevitable, or will he succeed in taking his own life before that happens? In a city where sex and drugs are offered at every turn, will Gabe be able to fight his way through and discover his own path? Inspired by true events and real people. "

25 July 2012

Make Sales with a Great Ebook Cover

While writing ebooks is one of my passions, designing the perfect cover to compliment the story is the most important part. The cover is the first thing people see when they stumble upon your book, and it's often the only actual picture throughout the entire novel. This one image sets the tone, the environment, and imaginary setting for the reader. Can you imagine Stephen King's books becoming as popular as they did if instead of looking like this: 

they looked like this?:

Now, obviously that last one is an intentional spoof cover by some Photoshop experts at Freaking News, but you would be surprised at how close to the truth this comparison is. Faced with the task of creating a cover for their ebook, many people will throw together some quick or basic design, hoping for the sort of typographically amazing effects that only come with years of graphic design experience. As you can see these January 2012 Ebook Cover Design winners have perfectly offset text and image to create compelling and eye-catching covers. And having a compelling, eye-catching cover makes people want to buy your ebook. For the small price that most ebooks go for, it creates a picky marketplace because there are literally thousands of books in that same price range. Whether your goal is to profit off of impulse buying or capturing a lifelong customer, the cover is the thing!

Now, if you're someone who just naturally has a knack for it, then please hone your ebook cover skills and put your best cover forward! But if you're someone who is looking for a good cover, please shop around and feel free to contact me regarding my reasonable ebook cover rates under $100 (discounts for repeat customers on future orders as well). You can see my online portfolio here.

19 July 2012

Crime, Hard-boiled, with Black Coffee

Harrison Sharp is a hit man...and a damn good one. This short, fast-paced crime story takes you through a day in the life of a man living on the edge, with a dance card full of blood and bullets. Inspired by the works or Richard Stark and his Parker novels (The Man With The Getaway Face), Nine To Five follows an adrenaline ride through Harrison's latest kill, and hints at the bigger beast of corruption that he is soon to face. The contract position he enjoys puts him in a precarious position between working for the good guys or being one of the bad ones, and time will only tell who can afford to keep him on the payroll.

Nine to Five is a hard-boiled crime story by C.A. Maxwell, available now on Smashwords for only $0.99.

28 May 2012

Print Version Now Available

Did you know that you can now buy THE PROXIMITY POWER in PRINT at my Ecrater store for just $10.00 (plus shipping)? Because you can! :) I will even sign it for you before shipping it off, and write a personal note if you like!

The URL is: carrieannmaxwell.ecrater.com !

12 May 2012

All Ebooks Now FREE at Smashwords

As of May 11, 2012, all of my books at Smashwords are now listed for FREE! So please download, enjoy, and share!

This includes:

A short suspense-horror story set in the past....

A YA novel about self-discovery, adventure and falling in love....

Step-by-step to achieving long-lasting alternative hair color, from bleach to blue/red/yellow/green/purple/pink....

06 March 2012

Review for "The Proximity Power" @ Book Passion For Life

I am thrilled to have a first review on my first novel, The Proximity Power! Thank you to Donna, Melanie and Jessica over at Book Passion For Life for posting a review by Melanie, who gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars!

Below is the Rating System (borrowed from BPFL's site):

For anyone who hasn't heard of it, Book Passion for Life is an excellent review site for YA-novel enthusiasts, with an impressive review catalogue of both print and ebooks. I love checking out their site, and discovering other YA blogs through it, such as YA-holic. For anyone who is new to the YA World, Book Passion for Life and YA-Holic are a great way to dip your feet in the ocean of recent and popular books available through print and online. Check them out! :)

12 February 2012

How to Bleach and Dye Your Hair in Punk Colors

Dying my hair pink has always been one of my favorite things, so I made an ebook with tips and information on DIY HAIR DYE! Of course I spend a lot of time gushing about Special Effects Hair Dye! I had used a few different types before discovering the amazing Special Effects Hair Dyes, like Jerome Russell's Punky Colour and Manic Panic, and am now in LOVE with SPFX!

The Ultimate Alternative Hair Guide is available now at Smashwords for only $1.99! You can also preview some of the book for free before buying!

In it, I describe how to:

Go from box-colored black hair to bleach blonde!

From Blonde to any bright, high-intensity color!

How to make your color last for MONTHS!

Resources on Where to Buy in-store and online!

How to save money and dye your hair at any price!

Make your hair rainbow or streaks!

To keep it easy reading, I haven't added any extra pictures to the ebook, but loaded with links to sites with tons of photos that people have posted of their own dyed hair. I am so in love with alternative hair dying that if you contact me through this comment section for a free copy in exchange for review/pictures I will gladly send you a coupon for one! Happy coloring!

02 February 2012

New Release Short Horror Story

The Troll's Wife is a murder mystery that begins with the skeleton of a baby found in the wild. It is an adaptation of Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story In a Grove and novel Kappa. It is intended for both YA readers and an adult audience.

Only $0.99 available now on Smashwords.

Here is the descriptions of Akugawa's stories for background:

Much of the In a Grove is viewable on Google Books, and available at most libraries.

Background information on mythology of kappa.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa's IN A GROVE and RASHOMON are adapted into a single filmwork by the title of RASHOMON(1950) by Akira Kurosawa (director of SEVEN SAMURAI(1954)).

01 February 2012

The What, Where, How and Sometimes Why of Young Adult Books

Amanda Hocking's "Switched"

What is the widespread appeal of young adult novels? If you've heard of the Twilight series, or even Harry Potter (and who hasn't?), then you've witnessed the whirlwind of excitement surrounding these works. From preteen to adults young adult or YA fiction appeals to a wide audience for a number of reason.

Writing style: much of YA writing is written in a way that can be easily understood because of the key age group it is meant to appeal to (pre- and teen). This allows the writer to develop complex stories, plot arcs and characters in such a way that the reader can be immersed in the story without confusion or alienation. Adult fiction can often be dense with unnecessary vocabulary, extraneous description, complicated character backgrounds and motivations, and multiple plot twists. Most people don't have a lot of time to spend reading thick, hard-to-follow books, and YA novels keep reading fun while being entertaining.

Characters: The protagonists of YA novels are usually between the ages of 12 and early 20's, and are at a time in their lives where they are still figuring things out and learning about life. This means excellent opportunities for the author to not only introduce events and concepts to the reader, but to the protagonist as well. This also creates a flexible playground for the author, since the protagonist won't have as many uncompromising personality traits as an adult character may have.

These are only a couple of reasons why Young Adult novels are an exciting and increasingly popular genre. From traditional print authors like Lisa McMann to ebook publishers like Amanda Hocking and Carrie Ann Maxwell.

Have you read any recently? Who's your favorite YA author?

29 January 2012

Now available online: with NEW cover!

Excerpt from Smashwords:

Ebook short description:

Wray was just minding his own business when he encounters a girl jumping off of a bridge--a girl no one else can see. By helping her, he finds himself crossing a line into a different world, with it's own set of rules. And whatever was after the girl he saved is now after him! If he wants to live to see 17, he has to learn how to control his new 'powers', fast! (Book 1 of the Final Legacy Series)

Extended description:

Passed on to Wray with a single kiss, the power leaves its previous owner heartbroken and determined to get it back. Daeda must conquer her inner desires for the power in order to teach Wray how to control it. As the holder of the power, he must accept his new responsibility-and everything that goes along with it.

But Daeda can't teach him alone. She'll need help from a friend and the guidance of the one who taught her. They just have to reach him before a mysterious cult, a motivational speaker, and a supreme demon reaches them. Because if they don't, it will mean being eaten alive for Wray, and the end of the world for everyone.

Available at Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/127509
and Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007133NMG)



23 January 2012

The first book of the Final Legacy series is now being published to Amazon's Kindle! It will take a day or two to show up, so I will update this post with applicable stats and links when ready.  Thanks for reading!